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Kisah Persalinan Maryam Part 3 October 2, 2018

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Zarahgy's Blog

This is the show!

Akhirnya aku mengejan berapa kali ya lupa 3 kali mungkin, ambil nafas dalam-dalam salurin ke perut. Terus ngeden kayak mau pup super besar. Pas kepalanya udah mau keluar sih kerasa banget. ngeganjel! Pokoknya tentang ngeden ikutin intruksi bidan deh. Aku juga dikoreksi cara ngeden soalnya pas awal ngedennya di tenggorokan, harusnya kan di perut. Beneran deh belajar nafas perut sebelum lahiran tuh. Nah, pas kepala babyku meluncur kerasa kayak nostalgia lahiran #alzamboy n #azagirl. Sensasinya itu pokoknya yang pernah ngalamin tahu deh, ada hangat2 licin mengganjal lalu meluncur. Lalu mulai berasa ini bayinya kok kayak gede itu pas bahu dan badannya meluncur. Perasaan yang dulu gak segininya sensasinya. Ini berasa lebih gede aja. Udah feeling robek nih hahahah 😀

Eh beneran sih, ternyata baby Maryam 3,4 kilo dibandingin kakak-kakaknya yang 2,9 kilo ya kerasa banget. Pas hamil trimester akhir juga berasa MasyaAllah kok beda ya beratnya…

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Runtuhnya Teori ‘Gen Gay’ July 2, 2015

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kapan blog gw bisa sebermanfaat ini heu2

Iwan Yuliyanto

…dan Dialog Tentang Indonesia Tanpa Diskriminasi |



Jurnal ini tambahan penjelasan tentang runtuhnya teori ‘Gen Gay’ pada jurnal sebelumnya: Kasus Sodomi Anak dan Perilaku Homoseksual Anak.

Kaum homoseksual yang didukung aktivis liberal di negeri ini sudah mulai berani unjuk diri di berbagai media guna memperjuangkan cita-citanya, yaitu pernikahan sesama jenis diakui secara hukum. Dengan dalih HAM dan alasan genetis bahwa orientasi homoseksual adalah karena faktor keturunan berdasarkan penelitian yang melahirkan teori ‘gen gay’ atau ‘born gay’ (sifat bawaan yang ada pada kalangan yang kemudian menjadi pembentuk karakter gay pada seseorang). Sebenarnya, validkah teori ‘gen gay’ tersebut?

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new session for englishment June 25, 2013

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Well, so long not writing in this odl blog. Perhaps it is 2 year last time I wrote in this ijustlearn blog. This reminds me that persistence is a hard thing. If I may dream, if I had written in english in this 2 years, I would have been a good writer in english.

But, let’s go back to the reality. Now I had left my chance for english improvement in writing. But, I had chosen another chance to drill my skill in english writing. I am writing my thesis in english right now. I hope this will be another milestone. Furthermore, I just have 2 more years left to prepare my master qualification test.

Bismillah.. I declare: I will write on this blog weekly insyaAlloh.. Aminn

Practise 1: Taklukkan Matematika #1 October 23, 2012

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soal tahun 2010 seri 564


gak tau pola persamaan matematikanya tapi untuk pola serupa jawabannya pasti 76+63=139. Udah dicoba angka lain,hasilnya sama(a tambah b).. (apalin aja sayy)


Bilangan kiri dikuadratin ditambah kanan hasilnya yg di tengah. Waspada pola serupa ato pengurangan dan perkalibagian sayy


Ubah persamaan jadi [a(c+d) + b(c+d)=-24] lalu subtitusi dgn [c+d=8] akan didapet [a+b=-3], maka a+b+c+d=-3+8


Hapalin pola kuadrat dan akar kuadrat pak koko. Ato ditebak aja 729 kan diantara 25×25 dan 30×30, otomatis yang akhirannya “9” kalo dikuadratin pasti “7”, dapet 27. Utk 25 dan 20, tiap perkalian “x5” kuadrat belakangnya pasti “xx25”. Otomatis jawabannya yg belakangnya mengandung 25+27=52. 0,5 diabaikan aja krn di pilihan jawaban sama semua. Latih insting utk abaikan variable yg bukan prioritas di soal, karena banyak yg bisa jadi jebakan berfikir di soal d4. Atur strategi sayy

OECD’s DC Mission August 19, 2010

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Assalaamu’alaikum wr wb..

Hello fella.. how do you do, may Alloh always bless you..

Hmm, its been such a long time not to write in this sad blog (i call it sad cz this blog hasnt been managed well).

By the way, its Ramadhan isnt it? It has reach the 10th day but why does my tilaway is just still stay at the 19’chapter?? phew, I had to do such an awesome effort to realize my target.. ok lets go back to the topic..

Actually, in this occasion, I just want to record my another day. Not only record I mean, I hope with this, I can get some improvement on the next job given to me. Let me re-explain to you first about my job. My job in the office is to handle a coordination between Indonesia and an international organisation named OECD. Here we done many different things such as in financial affair, administration n secretriat affair, logistic issue, making seminar by ourselves and so on. Enough. Let me tell you about my day. Its on August 19, 2010 C or on 9’th Ramadhan 1431 H.

My todays job is to accompany 2 people from OECD’s Development Centre delegation. They are Mr Mario Pezzini and Mr Kensuke Tanaka. Here is he, Mr Mario Pezzini

I’ll divide my story into 3 parts.

a. Meeting with Mr. Charmeida

Before the meeting, I had to pick up the delegation first. They stayed in the Four Season Hotel (This hotel was being mentioned by the corruptor Hadi Jamal as the place where he and Rama Pratama -Justice and Welfare Party Legislator- and also Anggito Abimanyu-Head of BKF that time-, had met to manipulate the budget for some infrastructure program, finally the corruptor was jailed and other is guilty). Back to the topic, I made some mistake when I (1) didnt prepare well when I want to pick them up before get into the hotel. I suppose to contact Ken at the day before to make sure he had already know the time for meeting. Why do I say that? Its because when I entered the hotel, Ken hasnt been there but Mario was.

Taking place on my office, this meeting is run quite well. But I made a mistake again, the mistake is when I (2) didnt call Mr Charmeida before entering the room and finally he hadnt use his sock at that time. Beeuh. I should do more emphasize on such that trivia but important things like that

b. Meeting with Ms. Armida Alisjabana from Ministry of National Development Planning Agency

It was the first time ever I accompany the mission to meet a “true” Minister Level. I can see with my own eyes how is the appearance of  Ms. Armida, one of our candidate of MoF on the previous election by president SBY. I sat with an old man said him is from the public relation unti of Bappenas.

c. Meeting with Mr. Augs Martowardojo from Ministry of Finance

(b and c to be continued, sorry it late night rite now)

Interesting way to learn english July 27, 2010

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I tought that I am one of  the luckiest graduate from Stan, how could it be?

Simple: I am being a staff for a coordinatng unit for an international organisation.

let me tell you all bout my latest day. Today our unit held a seminar bout pension fund in Indonesia and the best practises all over the world. This not only made me , off course, busy but also have so many new experiences. Today i met with many senior officer from public and also private institution.


What A Day November 19, 2009

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Pheww,, another working day has passed away, but -other- another day is prepared to be done better.

I’ll tell you about my -this- day. Beginning with a sloth of just doing surfing the browser all along morning, I felt that this day would be another my waste day.

Since the 7pm, my activity is just “learning English” by reading online comic that continued my previous page of Detective Conan. It felt so excited reading the story although I have ever red it. Fyi, my reading chapter of this comic has not increase since my senior high school. It means that i just read same old story. Anyway i was excited so there is no a problem,haha..

About 10pm, I continued my job of finishing my -and our- trips warrant (we call it SPPD). There was one more mistake to be fix. I had to ask an official signature one more time coz I was careless in typing his position. After that be fixed, I went to the man who verified our trips warrant. Accidentally, there was an error to be fixed again.. and it required me to ask the signature one more time to all of trip member.. So that i was scolded by my trip boss.. pheww, what a day!

An Introduce November 18, 2009

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Hello world, hello fella.. welcome to my blog


This blog is made for my private writing before. But, as you people want to know me more from wy writing, i’ll let you read all my writing that has been posted..(all of this sentences is just kidding,,hahaha)

Actually, with this blog. I just wanna express my feeling in english so that my english will be enhanced. Because in this blog I just learn, pardon me whenever there are so many mistake in using grammar or somethin like that. And dont forget to teach me what is the correct one.

But in this introduce, it feels so incomplete if i don’t introduce myself. I am male(editedonaug27), 21 years old, I’m single and very happy (just like a lyric of Oppie’s song,haha).

My alliliation is Islam and I proud and I have to proud of it. Maybe in this blog I will post a few article about Islam. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I think that’s enough for the introduce. See ya on he next post.. Babay


Hello world! November 18, 2009

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