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What A Day November 19, 2009

Posted by ijustlearn in Uncategorized.

Pheww,, another working day has passed away, but -other- another day is prepared to be done better.

I’ll tell you about my -this- day. Beginning with a sloth of just doing surfing the browser all along morning, I felt that this day would be another my waste day.

Since the 7pm, my activity is just “learning English” by reading online comic that continued my previous page of Detective Conan. It felt so excited reading the story although I have ever red it. Fyi, my reading chapter of this comic has not increase since my senior high school. It means that i just read same old story. Anyway i was excited so there is no a problem,haha..

About 10pm, I continued my job of finishing my -and our- trips warrant (we call it SPPD). There was one more mistake to be fix. I had to ask an official signature one more time coz I was careless in typing his position. After that be fixed, I went to the man who verified our trips warrant. Accidentally, there was an error to be fixed again.. and it required me to ask the signature one more time to all of trip member.. So that i was scolded by my trip boss.. pheww, what a day!


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